Dr.James Slimming Capsules In Pakistan


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Dr.James Slimming Capsules

Dr.James Slimming Capsules For Slimming Functions. It Facilitates Lessens Pores And Skin Cellulite And Burns Fatty Acid. Makes Pores And Skin Easy And Supple. Laxative Dr. James Slimming Pills Allows To Effortlessly Lose Weight With Out Strenuous Efforts And Strict Diets, Without Giving Up Your Favoured Meals.

Apply To The Hassle Area, Massaging For Five-10 Minutes In The Morning And Night. For The Best Effect Of Laxative Wrap The Hassle Location With A Special Belt Or Stretch The Movie. Who Doesn’t Want A Slender And Narrow Discern?


  • It is a laxative and a diet pill
  • Trapping the fat and reducing the accumulation of fat
  • Burn the fat and cholesterol, Help reduce weight
  • Lower the need to eat food. Only once a day
  • No stomach pain and irritation


Take two capsules per day (especially evening or before bedtime)

To have a good result, one should take the capsule continually within a month
of health care. in order to get the best effect. Pass the disinfecting process of Gamma-Ray 8Kilo gray

A period of continuous use should not be more than 3 months Strictly follow the major health problem dications affect our cause of health and skin from the mind and food on the leaflet to get the best effect. Go Gamma-Ray Disinfection Process 8 KiloGray


Children and pregnant women should not use these capsules.


  •  For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Laxative Dr. James Slimming Capsules In Pakistan contribute to absolutely safe weight loss, burning fat, removing excess fluid and mucus from the body, improving digestion fire, and assimilation of food, as well as tightening and smoothing the skin. In Ayurveda, in most cases, being overweight is associated with an imbalance or excess of Kapha dosha. Accordingly, elements of earth and water begin to dominate the body, and as a result, body weight increases. People with a predominant Kafa constitution need to monitor their balance since they are naturally prone to accumulate excess weight and fluid in the body, unlike people in other constitutions, which are quite easy to lose weight.

Method of application:

one capsule after meals twice a day.

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