Q.R Relief Extra Tablets in Pakistan


Brand  QR Relief Tablet
Item Form Tablet
Product size 10 Tablets
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
Shipping Free
Offer 2x 5500
Imported From India


Q.R Relief Extra Tablets

Q.R Relief Extra Tablets Take This Product With the Aid of Mouth as Directed. Observe All Guidelines on the Product Package Deal. If You Have Any Questions, Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist.

There Are Many Brands and Forms of Acetaminophen Available. Examine the Dosing Commands Cautiously for Every Product Because the Quantity of Acetaminophen May Be One of a Kind Among Merchandise. Does No Longer Take Greater Acetaminophen Than Encouraged? (See Also Warning Phase.)


If You Are Giving Acetaminophen to a Toddler, Make Sure You Operate a Product That is Supposed for Youngsters. Use Your Infant’s Weight to Find the Right Dose on the Product Bundle. In Case You Do Not Know Your Infant’s Weight, You Can Use Their Age.

For Suspensions, Shake the Medicine Nicely Earlier Than Every Dose. A Few Drinks No Longer Want to Be Shaken Earlier Than Use. Follow All Directions on the Product Bundle. Measure the Liquid Medication With the Furnished Dose-measuring Spoon/dropper/syringe to Make Sure You’ve Got the Best Dose. Do Now Not Use a Household Spoon.


For Swiftly-dissolving Drugs, Bite or Permit to Dissolve at the Tongue, Then Swallow Without or With Water. For Chewable Tablets, Chew Thoroughly Earlier Than Swallowing.

Do Now Not Weigh Down or Bite Prolonged-release Capsules. Doing So Can Release All of the Drug Without Delay, Growing the Danger of Aspect Effects. Swallow the Capsules entirely.

For Bubbling Pills, Dissolve the Dose Inside the Advocated Amount of Water, Then Drink.


Ache Medications Paintings Pleasant, if They’re Used as the First Signs and Symptoms of Pain, Occur. In Case You Wait Till the Symptoms Have Worsened, the Drugs Won’t Paintings as Nicely.

Do Not Take This Medicine for Fever for Extra Than 3 Days Unless Directed by Means of Your Doctor. For Adults, Do Not Take This Product for Ache for More Than 10 Days (Five Days in Youngsters) Unless Directed by Means of Your Physician. If the Child Has a Sore Throat (Especially With Excessive Fever, Headache, or Nausea/vomiting), Seek Advice From the Doctor Right Away.

Tell Your Doctor if Your Circumstance Lasts or Gets Worse or if You Increase New Signs. In Case You Assume You May Have an Extreme Medical Trouble, Get Medical Help Right Away.

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